Performance Series

Foam rollers that reach where you can’t

Ergonomic foam rollers that  contour around your bones to release deep muscle tissue more effectively e.g inner back

Releasing these neglected areas reduces injury risk and unlocks power you’ve never known.

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Fascianator Spiked Foam Roller

For athletes: Fascianator II

Unforgiving. Invasive. Brutal.


SpineGuard™ channel works wonders on tight spinal muscles

Ultra-firm spikes eliminate deep, stubborn knots

Centenarian Grid Foam Roller

For general fitness: Centenarian

Versatile and Indestructible

Moderate - Intense

3 distrodensity zones of different intensities

One roller for the entire body

Indestructible Core with a 100-Year Warranty

Centenarian Grid Foam Roller
Paperclip 60cm Foam Roller

For all: PaperClip

The foam roller for everyone


HoneyComb Trigger Matrix stimulates blood flow and tissue recovery

60cm length great for home workouts.


Hear From Others

  • spikes & grids which allows me to work different muscle groups with varying intensity

    I feel that they are awesome for rest days. They hurt so bad though. The basic foam roller that I have at home has been laying in an abandoned corner cause wasn’t able to reach into the deeper tissues. These foam rollers from MyoTrigger are way more effective as there are spikes & grids which allows me to work different muscle groups with varying intensity.

    Georgina Poh
    Fitness Influencer, Exercise Certified Personal Trainer
  • The effectiveness over my old foam roller was immediately notcieable

    Being a student-athlete is a heavy grind and responsibility, so I am constantly seeking the things that will give me even the slightest edge. My MyoTrigger Foam Roller is one of those things.

    The effectiveness over my old foam roller was immediately notcieable in all the small ways: pressure, firmness, ergonomics… I have been using it almost daily now and it looks none the worse for it!

    Tin Shu Min
    National Record Holder, Women’s 20km Road Racewalk
  • It relieves my tight back and gives me more flexibility.

    I can’t go a day without foam rolling. It relieves my tight back and gives me more flexibility. I do it every day before I train and sleep. MyoTrigger provides me with solid and long-lasting foam rollers. I highly recommend them!

    Lai Wee Kiat
    Body Builder, Model &Personal Trainer, Mr Kualur Lumpur 2013
NUS Eusoff Hall
Anytime Fitness

Science Explains 5 Ways Foam Rollers Boost Your Gains

Find out how a foam roller supercharges your fitness gains, the science behind it, and the different choices available.

Bonus Infographics: Full-body Foam Roller Exercises + Six-pack Foam Roller Home Workout

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Fascianator Spiked Foam Roller

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