1. to release knots, or trigger points, in the myofascial system.

2. to  perform at one’s optimal state.

synonyms: enhance, win, dominate, annihilate;


1. to be precise, wholesome, individually tailored.

synonyms: bespoke, lifehack, hand in glove;

Break Your Limits

MyoTrigger Foamrollers | Foam Roller Singapore

We live in a world of limits.

Sight is limited by biology; our very lifespans are limited by disease; athletes, by pain and recovery. But the winners realize one thing:

Limits are there to be broken.

Through the years, lenses have granted us access into the realm of both the microscopic and into the depths of the heavens. Life expectancy has increased more than 60% thanks to antibiotics. Now, we want to help you break the limits of your own body – not just in correcting painful hitches, but in pushing the boundaries of your performance and recovery.

Surpass yourself. Break your limits.

Because that’s what winners do.

Before we were MyoTrigger

we were sportsmen like you. Naturally, we accumulated overuse injuries that did not seem to disappear with standard physiotherapy and stretching.

Like every athlete out there, we were looking for ways to train harder, for longer than our competition; to get better, faster.

When we were first introduced to myofascial release, it was during injury rehab. However, moving on to foam rolling was a game changer. Apart from doing wonders for our pains and sores, we just felt great.

Unbelievably, we were dunking a basketball again just months after coming off treatment for spinal disc bulges and knee tendinitis.

However, our foam rolling progression was brought to a halt after the basic foam rollers were no longer effective for us. We simply could not find foam rollers at a decent price that worked. These one-size-fits-all solutions were too soft, too easily broken, too large, or just a complete jumble of incoherent features.

With our experience in commerce, we decided to set about creating our own.

1. Consumer-centricity

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Many retailers sell great foam rollers – in their opinion. This is a top-down process: customers are forced to accept what the retailer prefers.

MyoTrigger takes the opposite approach: our foam roller designs are shaped by a diverse pool of users, from the desk worker to the seasoned athlete. We started off finding out what YOU like; what works for YOU. Then, we experimented again and again (and many more “again”s for our new line) until we got just the right firmness, textures, sizes, and designs.

Next we test them extensively to make sure the user experience matches up to your expectations, and that our foam rollers meet the strictest health standards and stand the test of time.

A MyoTrigger Foam Roller is exactly what you want.

A Foam Roller designed by You, for You.

2. Only Essential Overheads


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We believe that user experience is king. Hence, our operations consist of a warehouse , 2 PCs, a high-speed internet connection, and reliable logistic partners – that’s how we keep prices low and our business lean. Every time we spend, we ask ourselves one question:

“Does this improve the user experience?”

Hence, you can be assured that every dollar spent goes into the quality of your foam rollers, reinforced by a 7-Day Money Back Guarantee and up to a 100 years in Warranty. Leveraging our 360° product view technology, it is as good as physical shopping – less the travelling and hefty price tag.

Learn more about our 7-Day Money Back Guarantee and Warranty.

3. Same Conveniences, Extra Reliability

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MyoTrigger Foamrollers hopes to achieve the trust and reliability of physical shopping combined with the convenience of online shopping.

View the product as if you were holding it in your hands with our 360° product view.

Just like bringing your product home from a physical shop, drop by our centrally-located warehouse to pick up at your convenience. Otherwise, enjoy great savings with our Flat Rate Shipping – you don’t even have to leave your house!

Here at MyoTrigger Foamrollers, quality is key. If our foam rollers experience a functional fault, we will get you a brand new replacement. Same ol’ convenience, now with extra reliability.

4. Informing Your Decisions

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Quality information makes up the foundation of every informed decision, and our blog serves to provide you with just that. Our passionate team of writers are constantly typing away at new health and fitness articles, supercharging your fitness journey.

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What Customers Say

  • spikes & grids which allows me to work different muscle groups with varying intensity

    I feel that they are awesome for rest days. They hurt so bad though. The basic foam roller that I have at home has been laying in an abandoned corner cause wasn’t able to reach into the deeper tissues. These foam rollers from MyoTrigger are way more effective as there are spikes & grids which allows me to work different muscle groups with varying intensity.

    Georgina Poh
    Fitness Influencer, Exercise Certified Personal Trainer
  • The effectiveness over my old foam roller was immediately notcieable

    Being a student-athlete is a heavy grind and responsibility, so I am constantly seeking the things that will give me even the slightest edge. My MyoTrigger Foam Roller is one of those things.

    The effectiveness over my old foam roller was immediately notcieable in all the small ways: pressure, firmness, ergonomics… I have been using it almost daily now and it looks none the worse for it!

    Tin Shu Min
    National Record Holder, Women’s 20km Road Racewalk
  • It relieves my tight back and gives me more flexibility.

    I can’t go a day without foam rolling. It relieves my tight back and gives me more flexibility. I do it every day before I train and sleep. MyoTrigger provides me with solid and long-lasting foam rollers. I highly recommend them!

    Lai Wee Kiat
    Body Builder, Model &Personal Trainer, Mr Kualur Lumpur 2013


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