1. to release knots, or trigger points, in the myofascial system.

2. to  perform at one’s optimal state.

synonyms: enhance, win, dominate, annihilate;


1. to be precise, wholesome, individually tailored.

synonyms: bespoke, lifehack, hand in glove;

Break Your Limits

MyoTrigger Foamrollers | Foam Roller Singapore

We live in a world of limits.

Sight is limited by biology; our very lifespans are limited by disease; athletes, by pain and recovery. But the winners realize one thing:

Limits are there to be broken.

Through the years, lenses have granted us access into the realm of both the microscopic and into the depths of the heavens. Life expectancy has increased more than 60% thanks to antibiotics. Now, we want to help you break the limits of your own body – not just in correcting painful hitches, but in pushing the boundaries of your performance and recovery.

Surpass yourself. Break your limits.

Because that’s what winners do.

Before we were MyoTrigger

we were sportsmen like you. Naturally, we accumulated overuse injuries that did not seem to disappear with standard physiotherapy and stretching.

Like every athlete out there, we were looking for ways to train harder, for longer than our competition; to get better, faster.

When we were first introduced to myofascial release, it was during injury rehab. However, moving on to foam rolling was a game changer. Apart from doing wonders for our pains and sores, we just felt great.

Unbelievably, we were dunking a basketball again just months after coming off treatment for spinal disc bulges and knee tendinitis.

However, our foam rolling progression was brought to a halt after the basic foam rollers were no longer effective for us. We simply could not find foam rollers at a decent price that worked. These one-size-fits-all solutions were too soft, too easily broken, too large, or just a complete jumble of incoherent features.

With our experience in commerce, we decided to set about creating our own.

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