What are Factory Seconds?

Factory Seconds are products that that have minor aesthetic flaws or have been used as samples. They are perfectly functional – it is just that they have not passed MyoTrigger Foamrollers stringent standards of quality.

They are usually:

  1. Samples that have been used in tests or displays
  2. Products with superficial defects like blemishes/cuts on non-essential areas. These defects do not affect the functionality of the foam roller.

As a company so focused on quality, we refuse to profit from such ‘substandard’ products. However, it is a waste to just throw them away! Hence we are letting them go below cost price so that less fussy users can get a perfectly functional MyoTrigger Foam Roller at a disproportionate discount!

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer our 15-Day Money-Back Guarantee nor 6-Month Warranty on Factory Seconds as we are already operating at a loss.

View our Factory Seconds

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